Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Welcome back! This is the fourth quarter.

Vocabulary Unit #7:

  • Workbook due today.
  • Sentences due Wednesday. Pages documents should go in this dropbox before class on Wednesday. This time, the girls are odd. Compose 10 healthy sentences that relate to this week’s field experiences.
  • The quiz will be on Monday.

NHD Human Rights Project – you should have your outline completed (and dropped in this box). Spend time filling in the gaps in research. Now is not the time to work on websites, movies, or plays. You need a story to tell first.

Here is the revised NHD schedule:

  • Final draft outline -due Wednesday, April 18th
  • NHD project outline -due Monday, April 23rd
  • First draft of project due -Thursday, April 26th
  • Final project due -due Thursday, May 3rd

Field experiences begin Wednesday.

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