December 2012 Exams


  1. Objective questions (plot and character details) for ABC and TGE
  2. Long-answer questions for ABC and TGE (see Larsonists for exact questions)
  3. Vocabulary from TGE (use the Quizlets to review (and use the words in real life!)
  4. Poetry analysis

Social Studies:

  1. Push and Pull factors
  2. Graphs
  3. Political Cartoon analysis
  4. Semester One Words to Know (define/explain importance in short answer and multiple choice questions)
  5. Europe geography
  6. Propaganda analysis
  7. Essay, choose one:
    1. Discuss the relative merits of industrialism
    2. Construct a dialogue between two people, one pro-immigration, one anti-immigration
  8. Explain, with specific examples, the meaning of M.A.I.N. as discussed in class

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