Bringing World War II Terms to Life

(Directions for Creating Skits and Pictowords

Directions for Creating Skits and Pictowords

1. Review your role


  • Facilitator Helps brainstorm ideas for skits and pictoword. Makes sure both the skit and the pictoword are completed on time. Coordinates the efforts of the group. Performs in skit.
  • Writer Solicits input for skits from all group members. Writes prompts for skit. Helps brainstorm ideas for pictoword. Performs in skit.
  • Designer Helps brainstorm ideas for skits. Solicits input for pictoword from all group members. Creates pictoword of term. Performs in skit.
  • Lead Actor Helps brainstorm ideas for skits and pictoword. Makes sure all members know their parts in the skit. Plays lead role in skit.

2. Review your World War II Term. Carefully read and discuss the definition of your WWII term. Consult a dictionary, a textbook glossary, or your teacher if you need further clarification of its meaning.

3. Brainstorm ideas for your skit. You must create and present a 1- to 3-minute skit that demonstrates the meaning of your term. You may not include your WWII term in your skit. Instead, you must act out the term’s meaning in a short drama, charade, pantomime, rap, or dramatic reading.

4. Write the script for and rehearse your skit. Write the script for or sequence of your skit so that all members of the group know their responsibilities. Rehearse the skit to ensure that your presentation is a success.

5. Brainstorm ideas for and create your pictoword. You must create a pictoword of your term–a symbolic representation our your term that shows its meaning. Brainstorm ideas in your group. Then write the pictoword on a digital canvas or a large piece of paper (minimum A3) so that all class members will be able to see it clearly when you present it.

Here is one example from the Class of 2014.


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