20/20 – Using Hindsight to Prevent World War II

Given the advantage of hindsight, perhaps World War II might have been prevented. These political cartoons suggest historical crossroads where world events might have gone another way.

  1. What might the United States and European Allies done to prevent the event?
  2. Why didn’t the United States and it’s allies take action to prevent the event?

Follow Up

Option One:

You have been hired by the World Peace Archive.

Write a letter suggesting four actions the United States and its European Allies could have taken to prevent World War II.

Option Two:

You are part of a secret agency entrusted with the power of time travel. Write instructions to your agent who will travel back to 1918 to change the course of history. (Assassinating Adolf Hitler is off the table as an option, OK?)

Choose either option and follow these parameters:

    1. Date your letter and address it to the World Peace Archive/Secret Agent _____.
    2. In the letter’s lead paragraph, explain why you think World War II could have been prevented.
    3. Include the four most important actions that Allied powers might taken to prevent the outbreak of World War II. These four actions should be prioritized, with the most important action first.
    4. Incorporate at least five of these World War II terms in your memorandum: alliance, appeasement democracy, fascism, imperialism, isolationism, propaganda,  and totalitarianism.
    5. The final draft of the letter should be two pages long (double spaced) and signed by the author.

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