The Immigrants – A Historical Reader

The Immigrants - A Historical Reader (McDougal Littel)

This anthology shares stories of immigration to the United States from four perspectives:

Part I-Immigration in Early America,

Part II-Patterns and Problems,

Part III-Immigrant Stories, and

Part IV-Attitudes and Policies.

Select one story to read from each of the four sections. Feel free to jot notes in your notebook as you read.

  1. After you’ve read the story, take 5-10 minutes to collect your impressions in your notebook. This is a time to write ideas as they come to you – do not agonize or organize. You might choose to react to a quote or episode in the story (be sure to write down the quote or event)
  2. Answer the Questions to Consider in your notebook (you may collaborate on this step).
  3. For each story, sum up the main idea of the story in 1 or 2 sentences, then use bullet points to back up this main idea with 3-4 pieces of evidence from the text.
  4. Finally, having decided what is the heart of the story, decide on a symbol that best represents the message of the author. (You might find it helpful to imagine that you are illustrating a movie poster or book cover .) This can be done digitally or on paper and about the size of a CD cover. All artwork must be original. See one example below.
Remember that the symbol represent an abstract idea rather than a concrete story element.

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