Shoah – The Holocaust

Be the light for a darkened world.


What did you take away from Mrs. Chandler’s presentation this morning?

If you had to choose, what are the three most important ideas she communicated through her lecture and the documentary?

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3 thoughts on “Shoah – The Holocaust”

  1. Zach Shaqqo

    Throughout Mrs. Chandler’s presentation and a discussion with my peers, I have three important ideas which were communicated towards me. The first one is, everyone should be treated equally and we should learn from the tragedy of the Holocaust to never create the same situation or mistakes made. This means that we should learn from the mistakes that were made during the Holocaust and that from this knowledge we have gained, never create this situation again. It also states that people should be treated equally. You shouldn’t discriminate against a certain religion, ethnic group, or someone’s gender.

    My second main idea is that discrimination can lead to segregation and people should be accepted for their heritage. The first part of this clearly showed what happened during the Holocaust. People of the Jewish heritage were discriminated by the Nazi power and the German people. This eventually led to them being shipped off to ghettos and concentration camps, thus segregating them off from the rest of the population. The second part of the this idea is that people should be accepted for their heritage. People shouldn’t be discriminated against just because they believe in a certain religion or their ancestors believed in that religion. Everyone is equal.

    My third main idea is that Mrs. Chandler conveyed the message towards us that we are unbelievably lucky and blessed to have the life styles we live today and that we weren’t around then. This idea is self-explanatory. She is explaining to us that we should cherish everything we have because children our age at that time had nothing because of Nazi Germany. Children our age and younger were killed and tortured for their beliefs or their heritage. She is trying to tell us that we are so lucky that we lead our life today and we aren’t a part of genocide and destruction.

  2. This was important because we need to know what happened to prevent it from happening again. If another holocaust were to happen against Christians hundreds of thousands would be murdered helplessly. The technology has advanced to such a point where mass murder is possible with a single lunatic with a single weapon.

    Everyone is equally deserving to be treated the same. If a group of people are singled out because of faith or appearance then their rights that we stand for and not be fallowed. If a French Canadian were to say those English Canadians are not true Canadians because they don’t speak our native language, a civil war would begin.

    A movie like that shows us how fortunate we really are. We should be grateful for our freedom because there are those who have less and rejoice over things we take for granted, food, water, hot showers. To see the free people who get what they want when they want it, provokes true annoyance.

  3. Everyone should be treated equally, and we should learn from the tragedy of the Holocaust to never create the same situation again.

    The Holocaust isn’t some freak thing that met impossible odds to happen. It was a real event in history, that could be repeated in the world we live in today. The people that Hitler convinced were people just like us, looking for someone to blame. They were looking for someone to blame for their depression, their bad economy, ect. Hitler took them by storm when he said it was the Jews. We must remember what happened to there millions of innocent people whenever someone tries to blame our problems on somebody, and maybe this will never happen again.

    This happened to people just like us, equal to us.

    This was the thing that stood out most to me. The people that ended up being tortured in the Holocaust were living a life just like mine before this broke out. These were human beings. Some people just hear the statistics and say “Wow that’s really bad”. But it’s when you start the think about the individuals that were tortured when the true realisasion of just how bad this thing was sinks in. Me, my friends, my family. It could have happened to any of us.

    Discrimination leads to segregation which could lead to violence.

    We must remind ourselves that although we have our differences, we are all human on the inside. We all get happy, we all get sad. We all get glad and we all get mad. If you don’t like the way someone does something or believes something, you should still respect them. Over time, if you treat them as lower than you, you could develop the same kind of hatred the Nazis had. Overall, I think we just need to drop our differences and realize that we all breathe the same air, drink the same water, and live in the same world.

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