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The Rights of a Child – from Phoenix Video

Where is there darkness in the world?

You have the wonderful opportunity to create a six-section outline  about a human rights movement that is affecting people in our world. You will act as a reporter getting the facts about the particular issue and the movement associated with it. This needs to be a current issue, not one from long ago in the past.

Your topic needs to reflect a current issue (i.e. happening right now).


Take a look at the topics chosen by the Class of 2015.



Point Value

March 22nd Tentative topic chosen


March 26th Topics finalized/NHD teams created


April 18th First draft of essay outline due


April 18 Final draft of essay outline due


April 23 NHD project outline due


April 26 First draft of NHD project due


May 3 NHD project completed


May 5th NHD presentation and judging





  • Your outline needs to include six sections:
    • Introduction: Introduce your reader to the movement/group/individual and their situation. What is going on? Provide facts that will entice (encourage) your reader to keep on reading. Be sure to include a thesis statement.
    • Define the issue: What is the human rights issue?  Explain and define it.  Include who is involved and educate your viewer/reader about the issue.
    • Negative force: Who are the perpetrators that continue to violate the human right?  Why are they doing it?  What allows it to continue to happen?  What are their methods?
    • Positive force: Find a group that is working to stop this human rights abuse.  Discuss them and tell us what they are doing, how they are doing it, and to what degree they are successful.
    • Explain which section(s) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights relates to this human rights abuse and why.
    • Closing: Speculate on the future!  What do you think will happen between the efforts of the positive force and the negative force?  Who will eventually be successful?
  • A bibliography with at least five sources, two of which must be primary sources.
  • You will present this information via your NHD project. Understand that you need not follow this order, but the above information should appear in your NHD documentary, essay, website, or dramatic performance.

Stay organized with this NHD Planning Guide.

Choosing a topic

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