Filmmaker and professor Brian Elliot (Sunday, January 15, 2012)

Calling all ADEs (and a friend) for an Authoring event 
To be held on Jan. 15, 2012 
At Concordia International School Shanghai
From 8:30am-4:00pm

An opportunity NOT to be missed! 

Concordia has the privilege to host filmmaker and university professor Brian Elliott (and his colleague Patrick Shin) for a week in Shanghai during January 15-19, 2012. The ADE community has the opportunity to attend a great authoring event where we can learn and share together about the beauty of authoring our unique (filmed) work. Here’s what you’ll get:
  1. An Apple sponsored ADE event with lunch included.
  2. Professional Film makers here to assist YOU!
  3. Another chance to catch up with your ADE comrades! 
  4. A perfect excuse to get out of whatever you were supposed to do that day!

Overview of the Day:

8:30 am coffee, breakfast
9:00 Welcome and Introductions and Goals for the Day

9:15-10:30 The importance of the story:
  • Screenwriting and Storytelling
  • Focus on teaching materials
  • Exemplary lesson ideas
  • Personal Branding  
  • Select script(s) that will be achieved this day
10:30-11:30 The importance of the technical side (video, sound):
  • And looking at various audiences 
  • Different ways of publishing teaching materials and what works best
  • Choosing an angle
11:30-12:30 The importance of the nourishment:
  • Lunch of course 
12:30-3:00 The importance of film making (narration, angle):
  • Setting a timeline 
  • Producing materials
  • Adjusting goals and selecting projects

3:00-4:00 Work on Project(s)

4:00 Closing – What a Great Day!

Plus, here’s a little more information about Brian Elliott and Patrick Shin, his assistant/colleague. Just in case you’re interested and curious…and we hope you are!
 Patrick Shin was an editor in LA for about 5 years before he came back to Baylor University for grad school. His strength is postproduction. SO, assuming there are “students” who would find it valuable to have him talk about/demo some advanced Final Cut Pro stuff and editing techniques, he could do that. Also, if there is interest in After Effects, he’s a pretty good whiz at that.
Both Brian and Patrick talk about telling stories through the editing process.

Here’s a list of links for trailers at least  recent things I’m associated with in some capacity. Producer, Line Producer, Steadicam [on Where We Started]

Proper Care and Feeding of an American Messiah –

Where We Started  in post production shot this summer. So no web thing yet, just production stills.

Strangers & Aliens (writer/director/producer): A 20ish minute short we’re in post on as well. Hopefully [Lord willing] will have a version done by the time we come to Shanghai. If I do, might be a good thing to talk about in terms of the process as well as Patrick’s post work on it.
Mozgi  short zombie comedy now in post. No trailer, sorry.

Slackers Homage  in honor of the 20th anniversary of Richard Linklater’s movie Slackers, some Texas Film Official Types asked/assigned various filmmakers to shoot/remake scenes from the original.

Sironia  Tony Hale, Amy Acker, etc, –

The Double  early draft  Richard Gere, Topher Grace –

The Courier  early draft  in postproduction. Mickey Rourke, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Til Schweiger, Lili Taylor.

As with a lot of work in this field (writing/consulting), much of it is behind the scenes and probably will never be seen. MEANING, script consulting and even writing bigger projects not intended to be shot by “us” – most of that work even by the big shots never gets done. I have some big cheez writer friends who say if they get 1 in 10 scripts they write made they’re doing well. And these are the big dogs.

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