R U A Responsible User of Technology?

Technology – hardware. software, and cloud-based – is governed at Canadian International School of Hong Kong by the Responsible User Agreement. As members of a digital community, CDNIS employees and students sign their names in commitment to abiding by these guidelines. This past week, Upper School and Grade 6 students took a closer examination of just what they were signing.

The RUA doesn’t dictate the best response for every situation. In the rapidly changing digital world, how could it? Instead it articulates foundational matters: Respect, Reputation, Rights, Responsibilities, Guidance, and Repercussions. Also embedded in this document are principles to guide gaming and social media use. Students and teachers must extrapolate from the RUA to apply it to everyday technology use.

Upper School teachers Ms. Nielsen, Ms. Young, and I collaborated on scenarios where the RUA provides guidance. What follows is the activity the Grade 6 students undertook during this week’s Digi-Time.

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