PYP Exhibition Juggernaut, launched!

It’s PYP Exhibition season! That means the PYP class of 2015 needs a logo for banners, t-shirts, and wherever else they publicize this big deal. And it is a big deal! Grade 6 students may choose to address the theme, How We Express Ourselves, using coding, photography, poetry, film, drama, and more.

Step One: Learn about logo design

(Contact me if you’d like access to presenter notes.)

Step Two: Apply Learning to paper.

G6 Digitime: Logo design
(Actually, students sketched personal logos midway through the logo design presentation, and then re-evaluated their designs based on five principles of effective logo design.)

Step Three: Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator

Step Four: Get some feedback

David's personal logo, beta.
David’s personal logo, beta.

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