Maker Movement Musings

Photo by Ernesto Oroza.
“Cool bike! Where’d you get it?!” “I made it.” (Photo by Ernesto Oroza)


So many ways to think about Photo essay: The bizarre, brilliant and useful inventions of Cuban DIY engineers | PBS NewsHour.

Silly: I need to go to Cuba so I can be a better Design Teacher.

Twee: Cuba is a Maker Space!

Cliché: Necessity is the mother of invention.

Pedagogical: You want authentic projects? MYP Design provides a road map and this photo essay provides the inspiration, now add time and encouragement.

Realistic: Add work space to the above note. Space is always a consideration in Hong Kong.

Honest: I want to go curb shopping right now and build something.

Political: (No thanks. Read the comments on if you want that.)

Challenged: I spend far too much on things, and throw away far too many things that could be repurposed.

Feel free to add more in the comments.

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