Wednesday, March 21, 2012

OK, if we are going to talk about human rights, we have to define them. Civil rights are those guaranteed by law, so we will examine the US Civil Rights Movement, which was a revolution wrought by American citizens trying to gain equal rights under US law. Human rights are those we all are entitled to, simply because we are human.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was drafted in 1948 and has since taken the weight of international law. We will analyze it in English, but the preceding link will take you to a myriad translations.

For today’s class, you will need this UDHR sorting activity, which we will use for:

  1. Sorting (in class)
  2. Self-assessment (in class, emailed to me)
  3. Goal-setting and Reflective-learning (recorded in Quicktime and emailed to me before 8 AM Thursday)
    1. One question you have about the UDHR
    2. Finish this sentence: “One thing I think is important about the UDHR is…”
  4. UDHR paraphrase poster (due in hard copy, Monday, March 26)


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