Monday, 4 June 2012


10:05 – Please report to our classroom. We will move directly to the Rittmann Center theater for Grade 8 Commencement rehearsal. We will also celebrate birthdays and go over some details for tomorrow’s festivities.

After that we will take the SRI. If SRI is not compatible with your laptop, you may use one of the iMacs in the Tech Hub.

Finally, we will study geography, logistics, and economics (Ticket to Ride). If we don’t get to that today, we will play on Wednesday.


Report to homeroom for attendance, then proceed to HS for introduction to 2012-13 All School Reading.

8:30 – bus to Century Park (rain plan: Super Brand Mall).

11:00 Lunch – Subway delivery

12:00 – Buses back to school

1:00 – Movie or guidance session

2:20 – Final MS chapel


Classes as usual in the morning. Clean out lockers.

2:00 – Grade 8 Commencement. Meet in Commons

3:20 – Reception for Gr. 8 students (Commons)


8-10 – last minute withdrawal slips, yearbook signing, locker checks, etc.

10 – All School Assembly

11:30 Na-na-na-na, na-na-na-an, hey hey hey, good-bye!


What you do Friday is not up to me. =]


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