March 22, 2012

Vocabulary workshop

  • I’ll give you credit for completing the workbook
  • We will practice, using these sentences
  • You might find this resource helpful if you’re not sure when to use articles (A, An, The, etc…)
  • Tomorrow is the quiz

Website Evaluation

  • Download these tools from myConcordia (5 W’s of Website Evaluation pdf and worksheet)
For Friday
  • Vocabulary test is postponed until Monday
  • Spend ~20 minutes on one of the following:
    • Choose your NHD human rights topic (make this a priority)
    • Revise and edit the Unit 6 Practice Sentences
    • Analyze the Free the Slaves website
    • Design and craft your UDHR poster
  • I will give you work time at the beginning of class to work on what you don’t finish Thursday night .
This is how you will be placed in an NHD team if you don't choose a topic.

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