Stop Motion Animation

We use SAM (follow that link to visit the SAM homepage, download SAM for free, and view movie projects made with SAM).

Here are some exemplary uses of stop motion animation in the middle school science classroom.

Work flow

1. Build a story mountain; write a story outline that includes characters, conflict, and climax.

2. Give me your story line in an elevator pitch (30 seconds, hit the highlights).

3. If I green light your project, begin your storyboard. If I yellow light your project, go back to Step 1 and revise your story.

4. Show me your storyboard.

5. If I green light your storyboard, start gathering props and everything you  need for your movie. If I red light your project, go back to Step 3 and revise your storyboard.

6. Roll cameras!

Stop Motion Movie examples

Deadline – from Phoenix Video

Game Over – from Phoenix Video

Noah’s Ark – from Phoenix Video

Shanghai Student Film Festival – from Phoenix Video

Her Morning Elegance – Oren Lavie – from Phoenix Video

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