Lessons from Magnum in Motion – Adrian Kelterborn

Photographer Alex Majoli and Magnum In Motion producer Adrian Kelterborn are looking at the FinalCut project of “Libera Me” and discuss some last minute changes on the back table of Magnum’s New York City office. © James Wendell

Thanks to Adrian Kelterborn of Magnum in Motion for spending the week with us at Concordia, sharing your experience and expertise in presentations and workshops for our school and the greater Shanghai community.

Thanks to Michael Lambert, Michael Boll, and Concordia administration for giving muscle to the vision of bringing Adrian here – his presentation contained that rate mix of showcasing excellence (in Magnum photos and stories) and practical advice to help his learners reach for such heights.

Adrian shared examples of Magnum in Motion stories, including Satellites, by Jonas Bendiksen.

Building your story:

1. Subject: What is your story about? Choose YOUR story!

2. Perspective: Who tells my story?

  • Author’s perspective (for example: Personal Best by Elliot Erwitt) Showcasing images and narration by Erwitt
  • Subject’s perspective (for example: The Korean War by Werner Bischof) Showcasing Magnum Korean War images, narrated by North and South Korean war survivors now living in New York
  • Narrator’s perspective (for example: Libera Me by Alex Majoli) Showcasing Majoli’s photos, with an author’s reaction, performed by an actor

3. Architecture: How best to structure my story – bearing in mind these building block:

  • Beginning
  • Middle
  • End

4. Fine Tuning: What elements do I need to tell my story?

  • Rhythm
  • Style
  • Effects

Here’s how these principles apply to World Cup 2010.

1. Subject: World Cup 2010 in South Africa

2. Perspective: Magnum photographers, drawing from the Magnum archives, while text plates tell the story

3. Architecture:

  • Beginning: Soccer is a global sport and kids imitate soccer stars
  • Middle: The facts speak (2 million visitors, 10 million viewers)
  • End: World Cup is in South Africa

4. Fine Tuning:

Style: subtle with simple font, soccer announcers and music to set the tone

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