Photographic Reflections

No, not that kind of reflection.
I like this photo because it captures the mood of Shanghai, showing old buildings in the background and capturing the mass of people in the foreground. The viewer can imagine the noise and chaos in this scene, which reflects on the general mood of Shanghai. (Jonathan Tan, Class of 2013)

Choose one picture from each auction poster category that you’re most proud of, took the most work, was the most serendipitous, or has the best story associated with it, and then post it to your blog. Accompany the picture with a brief description (4-5 sentences) of why you chose it. Feel free to add technical information while you’re at it. The due date for these three reflections will be announced in class.

This picture was taken on the street on our way driving back home. We stopped at the street after we just exited the freeway. This would be actually illegal and the police would stop you during the day. I like this picture because it is a bit unique. There are cars at the bottom and the perspective the picture was taken was different from regular sidewalk views. (Jessica Miao, Class of 2013)

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