Friday 11 May 2012

Tuesday is the Humanities Exam. You will write one exam that includes English and Social Studies from Semester Two.

Be ready for:

  1. Vocabulary Units #1 to 7
    1. Expect to see 20 questions in the usual weekly-quiz format.
  2.  To Kill a Mockingbird
    1. Objective questions (character attributes, plot details, etc.)
    2. Answer one of the following in a succinct but well-supported paragraph:
      1. Compare and contrast the two forms of courage presented in To Kill a Mockingbird. What incidents exemplify these two types?
      2. What “mockingbirds” can you identify in the novel? Explain your choices.
  3. Define and explain the historical significance of some of the following history terms:
    1. Isolationism
    2. Fascism
    3. Holocaust
    4. Civil Disobedience
    5. Huey Newton
    6. “Bull” Connor
    7. Rosa Parks
    8. MLK
    9. Malcolm X
    10. Winston Churchill
    11. Josef Stalin
    12. Civil Rights Act of 1964
    13. Jim Crow Laws
    14. KKK
    15. Black Panthers
    16. Birmingham church bombing
    17. Lynching
    18. Segregation
    19. NAACP
    20. Sit-ins
    21. Nationalism
    22. Imperialism
    23. Isolationism
    24. Truman Doctrine
    25. Appeasement
    26. Totalitarianism

This is the kind of definition and explanation I’m looking for:

 Propaganda is biased information that appeals more to emotion than reason to further a cause or point of view. During World War II, there was a good deal of propaganda urging women to leave the home to work in jobs that were traditionally only for men (such as bus drivers, factory workers, etc). After the war, women were expected to return to traditional “women’s work”. This inequality encouraged many more women to lobby the United States government to pass laws guaranteeing equal rights for women.


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