High School Interim 2012

At this point, all students should have been given the Interim selection books. If there is a student who doesn’t have a book (either the first time or has lost it) I would like to offer the following scenarios.
  • Students on a field trip should go back to field trip advisor (Laura Brown or Terry Umphenour) to receive their book. These teachers have the lists of students and appropriate numbers of books.
  • Students who were absent should see Echo. I wrote the names of absent students on each book.
  • Students who were on campus on April 13 should have received the book.
  • Any student who has lost the book can download it online and print the selection form to submit it to the HS office. (See link below.)
Students will not receive a second book. Each eligible G8 student has been given one selection guide. In the event that it is lost or misplaced, these students/families can look online. The website has a one-page selection guide sheet, which can be printed without printing the entire book.
Interim selection sheets (fully completed) are due to the  HS office on April 18, Wednesday. Any late selection forms will be processed after those that were handed in by the due date. There is the possibility that the late students may need to submit additional selections, should their 4 choices have been filled with students that handed in the selection forms on time.
http://www.concordiashanghai.org/students/high-school-students/interim-2012 This is the link. The password is the current school year’s theme . The complete Interim selection book (52 pages) can be downloaded from a link on the bottom of this web page. The second document is the 1-page selection sheet, which can be printed and filled out.
Please let me know if you have any questions. Kindly direct any student or parent questions to me, as needed.
Best regards! Karin

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