Cold War Intelligence Gathering

Our espionage activity is scheduled for Friday, May 18th. Seventh graders will be participating as they will be our border patrol officers. It is your job to smuggle important data past them and deliver it to your section leader (teacher).

Here is the Espionage Activity.

Research the indicated databases to find the answers as soon as possible. From here the questions and answers will be HANDWRITTEN on standard white paper. Once this is complete you will then show it to your teacher before you hide it.

After receiving approval from your teacher you can then start planning the hiding portion of this activity.

On the day of the activity you may only bring
1) your backpack
2) lunch bag if you wish
3) one jacket/pullover
4) Yourself in your uniform

Each border patrol station will be given the opportunity to play a “strip search” card. If the documents are planted on your person then you have been caught. Hint: Plan on hiding it elsewhere!

Check out examples of previous year’s smugglers.

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