The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck

Pearl Buck’s The Good Earth is a great book. I read it when I was working in Taiwan and Hong Kong in my twenties, and it transformed my understanding and appreciation of China’s history and culture. It’s a good read for us because, well,  we live here, and we’re studying the era of the story. That’s all I’ll say for now.

Here is the novel: The Good Earth for Kindle

Here is the reader: Kindle for Mac

Before you read.


Reading Schedule:

Week One (August 22 to 26) – chapters 1 to 10

Week Two (August 29 to September 2) – chapters 11 to 20

Week Three (September 3 to 7) – chapters 21 to 30

Week Four (September 10 to 14) – chapters 31 to 34

We will draw some resources from Ms. Meyer’s LibGuide. Feel free to explore it on your own, too.



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