Romeo and Juliet Anticipation Questions

Download the following R&J Anticipation Questions here.

1. Boyfriends or girlfriends are more important than family.


2. You should keep secrets from your parents.


3. You should know someone for at least one year before you marry them.


4. It is important to spend a lot of time with someone to make sure that you love them before you marry them.


5. Teenagers don’t know what true love really feels like.


6. A boyfriend or girlfriend is worth killing yourself over.


7. Family feuds lead to stronger relationships.


8. Your parents should approve of the people that you choose to date.


9. Would you date someone that your parents really disliked? Why?

10. Children should trust parents to make the right choice in finding a husband or wife for them.


11. You should marry someone even if your family does not like him or her.


12. Love conquers anything.


13. Your life is controlled by fate.


14. Your parents always know what is best for you.


15. What would you do if you were forced to choose between someone you were in love with and your family?


16. Would you give up the person you were in love with if your family asked you to? Why or why not?


17. How do you think you would feel if your parents arranged a marriage for you without asking you what you thought about it?

18. Arranged marriages make life easier.


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