Hwo’s Yur tYpg Sped? (How’s your typing speed?)

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (2009) Sony Pictures
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (2009) Sony Pictures

Here are a few free online tutors to increase your typing speed and accuracy, whether you use the Columbus  (Find the Keys and land on them)(HA!) or QWERTY Touch Type method.

Click on the images to visit the sites.



This is my favorite. Instead of typing disjointed words, typing reveals a story. Interesting stories at that. Then there are the tying drill and a Dance Dance Revolution-type challenge, backed by a sweet electronic groove.

Speed Typing Online
Speed Typing Online

Speed Typing Online includes a diagnostic test and games, The typing lessons teach home row by indicating the proper finger/key combination, with the keyboard on screen.


Keybr.com is a good one,  because you actually type words/prefixes/suffixes, rather than home row letters to help you become a “typing ninja.”

Free Typing Game
Free Typing Game

Free Typing Game has a fun selection of old school arcade games, such as this version of Asteroids, where you type the letters to defend your spaceship.


Typing.com has similar games, but with nicer graphics, which consequently took longer to load.

Did I miss your favorite? Feel free to recommend other free typing tools in the comments.

The ‘Bots Are Back

Grade 4 students began a coding and robotics investigation this week. Thanks to Mr. Adams’ class for constructing 26 MakeBlock robots for themselves and the rest of the Grade 4 classes.

G4 'Bot builder

Over the course of five weeks, students will learn block coding on their MacBooks to program their robots through a series of fun and engaging challenges, making them sing, move, and then dance.

Mblock smile

Grades 5 through 7 will build on previous coding and robotics explorations in the coming months.

Thank you to the Annual Fund for providing the robots and DaVinci Labs support.

R U A Responsible User of Technology?

Technology – hardware. software, and cloud-based – is governed at Canadian International School of Hong Kong by the Responsible User Agreement. As members of a digital community, CDNIS employees and students sign their names in commitment to abiding by these guidelines. This past week, Upper School and Grade 6 students took a closer examination of just what they were signing.

The RUA doesn’t dictate the best response for every situation. In the rapidly changing digital world, how could it? Instead it articulates foundational matters: Respect, Reputation, Rights, Responsibilities, Guidance, and Repercussions. Also embedded in this document are principles to guide gaming and social media use. Students and teachers must extrapolate from the RUA to apply it to everyday technology use.

Upper School teachers Ms. Nielsen, Ms. Young, and I collaborated on scenarios where the RUA provides guidance. What follows is the activity the Grade 6 students undertook during this week’s Digi-Time.

9 by 5/6 (Nine Reviews by 5th & 6th Graders)

Grade 5 and 6 Digital Ambassadors have reviewed nine online content content creation tools for your enjoyment and edification. We hope you find them useful.