My school has combined software, hardware, and curriculum support into a single space. Our aim, preventing this user-un-friendly scenario:

Out of breath student: “I can’t get wifi. My teacher on the 8th floor told me to talk to someone on the 5th floor, and they sent me to someone on the 7th floor, but they’re not in, so can you help me?”

That one space is OneDoor.

OneDoor needed a welcome slideshow, so I put one together in Google Slides. But how to match the typeface to the sign above the titular door?

First strategy: Guessing, with fair success, to settle on Times after ten minutes.

Second strategy: Whatthefont app, free, and my iPhone. I took a snapshot of the sign, uploaded, and then confirmed app identification of each character.

OneDoor sign

Success? Nailed it. Time invested, including download of this free app, five minutes. Click on the Whatthefont icon below for more info. I’m looking forward to trying it with a more obscure font.


Task one complete.

Task two: Match the type to the OneSpace logo. Enter Get Color from Image (Beta).

CDNIS OneDoor logo in Get Color from Image (Beta)

Upload the image. Choose the color. Copy and paste the code into the custom color tool in Google Sheets. Time to completion, two minutes. Find the tool by clicking on the icon below.


Task Two: Nailed it.

Task Three: I need a looping slideshow.

Solution: Switch to Keynote because I need a looping presentation.

Because nothing rhymes with purple

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 12.27.59 PMEach year the good people at Pantone decree a color for the year, and suddenly you see it everywhere. Care to know more? Click on the pic.